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Folks from Illinois to Iowa found themselves more confused than usual last night at when a giant fireball shot across the sky.  Unconfirmed reports say the object broke up on the way down, and would be about the size of a fist if it made it to dirt.  Unconfirmed reports also say it was Optimus Prime, here to battle the Decepticons. Below is the awesome video from a squad car dashboard cam. By the way, why are meteors always captured on the dashboard cams of cop cars? (like this one in Canada)

UPDATE!!! An Iowa couple now claims the meteor crash landed in their farm (so…now it’s a meteorite!) and that inside the crater was a miracle!  Apparently the sterile, childless couple found a healthy little white baby in the smoldering pit of fiery ash.  They intend to raise the child as their own, and already think he’ll be a real American hero someday.